Build a Fairy House for Kids to Discover at Fairy Fest 2019

Do you love fairies and love to create? We are looking for talented creators to fill the trails with amazing fairy houses for kids to discover at this year’s Fairy Fest! You can make it as elaborate or as simple as you’d like. Just follow the guidelines below and fill out the form so we can stay in-touch with you. 


– Fairy House Building Details & Guidelines – 

We wanted to share a few thoughts with you that should help address some of the questions you may have about the event. We are hoping the Fairy Trails grow organically, creatively and spontaneously, so we don’t want to establish too many rules or guidelines, but here are a few things that may be helpful:

Timing: The Fairy Fest is on June 2nd from Noon to 2:30 p.m., so we are hoping that fairy houses can be completed by June 1st so that they are ready for the event (but not built/installed too far in advance). If you'd like to build a fairy house but can't make the event we can arrange to get your fairy house before the event and we'll install it. 

Materials: The only limitation on materials is that they be all natural. Otherwise, use whatever your imagination conjures up and you can find. Common building materials include pine cones, rocks, sticks, bark, moss, acorns, shells, flowers, feathers, etc. Most houses are built at the base of a tree for stability. Feel free to build small fairy fences, pathways, etc. around your house. Glue and other similar adhesives are permitted.

Theme: The theme for this year’s Fairy Fest is “Believe”— pick any book, poem, movie, song or piece of art that inspires you! Create a fun fairy house inspired by your favorite inspirational piece.The design can be loosely inspired it doesn't need to be literal. Or if you already have a great idea in-mind we are just looking for fun creative houses. We’ll be featuring the artist's name by each house for the kids to discover! 

Where to Install: We'll be creating a map that designates the sections of the trails behind the Botanic Gardens that are for the Fairy Trails. To help us find your fairy house, we are asking all artists to tie a ribbon or string around the tree nearest to your house. Note, all fairy houses need to be installed very close to the trail so that traffic doesn’t cause any damage to the beautiful wildflowers and greenery.

No Pressure: This is supposed to be a fun event—not a competition by any means. We are so thankful for your contribution of time and creativity to make it a special event for the kids of our community. Whatever you come up with will be magical! If you're looking for a bit of inspiration, check out our fairy trails page to see some of the houses from previous years! 


As a special thank you, every artist that builds a fairy house for Fairy Fest will earn a FREE Scarlet the Red Bird enamel pin!

Wear your pin proudly at the event!




– Sign-up to Build a Fairy House for Fairy Fest –

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