Dream. Explore. Build. The Fairy Trails of Traverse City are Now Open!

Stephen King once wrote, “The road to hell is paved with adjectives.” But sometimes an adjective is warranted. Sunday was a magical day.

That’s the day we opened Traverse City’s new Fairy Trails, an enchanted forest (now full) of fairy houses. Despite some cool, damp weather, hundreds of people turned out to celebrate.

Heather and I spent the morning getting our fairy house installed and then putting up wood markers on trees near other artist built dwellings. In the afternoon we were so busy getting things set up for the Spring Fairy Fling event that coincided with the opening of the Fairy Trails that we didn’t actually venture back into the woods until close to 2 p.m.

It was (with apologies to Mr. King) magical. Children everywhere, scampering about, checking out fairy houses and building their own. Exploring, discovering and, most importantly, playing in the forest, which was bursting with creative energy.

There were nine fairy houses created for the start of the event. By the end of the day there were at least five times that many – some simple, some elaborate, all enchanting. It blew us away.

Special thanks to everyone who helped make this happen, but especially – all of the artists, Rachel Jezowski who created the beautiful wood carved signs for the event, my mom who not only built a fairy house but helped in many other ways with the event, Gary and Allison from The Little Fleet for quenching our thirst, the whole team at ELF for being awesome hosts and collaborators, and Pete Farmer and Hot ‘n Bothered for the great performances! Thanks most of all to all of the families who turned out and helped make the day so special.

The Fairy Trails are open. If you haven’t been over there yet, go check it out. If you’re headed up here for a visit this summer, put it on your agenda. It’s worth the trip (for kids of all ages).

Our vision is that the Fairy Trails will become a permanent place of creativity and wonder in Traverse City. But that won’t happen without some work. We hope that people will frequently visit the Fairy Trails, explore the houses, and help the trails to grow by maintaining and adding to what’s there. We are toying with the idea of organizing a monthly “refresh” day to spruce up the trails. Let us know what you think about that, and share any other ideas you may have to improve the trails by leaving a comment below. Click here to learn more and to sign up to receive updates and information about the Fairy Trails. We have big plans for the Fairy Trails and we want our readers to stay up to date about upcoming events and activities in Traverse City’s new enchanted forest.

Enjoy the pictures and see you on the trails!