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Two Things Stopping You from Your Next First (And Why You’ll Never Forgive Yourself)

We believe that first moments are the best moments. When you’re experiencing something new, you feel on fire. You create new memories. Time slows down. You break free of the rut of routine. We’ve been writing a great deal about the power of first moments over the last six months, and we’ve been thrilled to hear feedback from our readers that they’ve been inspired to chase more first moments of their own. This, in turn, has led us to create a new feature (you’re reading it!) in which members of the Life and Whim community share their own inspiring stories. 

Leading things off is Tom Nixon, an entrepreneur, musician, actor, author, friend, and lover of Northern Michigan. Check out Tom’s take on what it has meant to spend a year chasing firsts.


I’ll never forget my first kiss...but I have no idea where I was on my 37th. My first car was a yellow Buick idea what my sixth one was. My first day of college seems like yesterday. All the other days walking to class blend together into one amorphous blob of nostalgia...and feel like forever ago.

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