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Meet our first Made to Make Maker Gwen Lidan of Bella Filato Studio! We first met Gwen at a craft show over a year ago and couldn’t get enough of her beautiful hats! Gwen will be leading our November Made to Make workshop: Learn to Weave at The Little Fleet. The November workshop is sold out.

Gwen lives in Traverse City and has a true love for handmade items. She loves sitting with a good cup of tea and making beautiful, cozy creations out of "Bella Filato" (beautiful yarn). She is am a mom of two beautiful boys! She enjoys the simple things in life… taking her dog for a walk in the woods with her family, sharing a good cup of brew with friends, going for a quiet drive along the water, cuddling in a warm cozy blanket with a basket full of yarn.

  1. What is it about northern Michigan that brings you creative inspiration?

    Honestly, everything is an inspiration if you just look hard enough. Whether is the colors from the changing of the seasons or the color from the sunset. Color is everywhere and in everything!

  2. How did you get interested/started in your creative field?

    I’ve always had a creative soul, my dad is a painter and potter so I’ve been around creativity my whole life. In 2014 I had attempted to crochet my unborn son a pair of boots, I loved the process of it and was addicted instantly. Here I am 5 years later, still addicted to fiber but have expanded on so many levels.

  3. What’s your creative routine? How often are you making?

    Whenever my kids are sleeping. I like to be present during the day for my kids so I work mainly at night when they are in bed. I only get a couple hour a night sometimes not even that depending on how exhausted I am from the day.

  4. What’s the biggest hurdle you’ve had to overcome in your creative journey?

    Balancing time between regular daily life and work life. I’ve learned that this is the stage where my life is at so I’ve embraced not having much time to create as I like. Being a mom is the most important part of my job and that is what I’m meant to do right now so everything else can wait just a little while longer.


Lightning Round:

  1. The person, dead or alive, that you’d like to have coffee and conversation with?

    Betty White

  2. Creative tool you couldn’t live without?


  3. Favorite Traverse City meal when dining out?

    Hands down, Georgina’s. Or Mama Lu’s. I’m a big time foodie and I just really love all food.

  4. Favorite book?

    Pride and prejudice

  5. Favorite musician?

    Brad Paisley (Big country fan right here)

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